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Ribbons Scavenger Hunt at BroadwayCon

Ribbons Scavenger Hunt at BroadwayCon

It’s time for BroadwayCon and we are beyond excited! Broadway Goes Pop, Coloring Broadway, Dr. Drama, The Hamilcast, Theater People Podcast/Broadway Backstory/True Crime Obsessed*, and Tatro: A Magnetic World of Play have joined together to celebrate this fantastic event that brings theater fans behind the curtain. We are giving away 2 TodayTix gift cards ($100 and $50) to 2 lucky winners. Just follow these entry rules for your chance to win:

  • COLLECT 1 ribbon at BroadwayCon from all 6 brands

  • SNAP a picture of your ribbons (all 6 together)

  • POST your picture on Instagram and TAG & FOLLOW (if you’re not already following) all 6 brands

  • TAG 3 friends who also love theater

Contest ends at 6:00 pm EST on Sunday, January 28th. 2 winners will be randomly selected and announced via social media

IG Handles

Broadway Goes Pop: @amberkempter

Coloring Broadway: @coloringbroadway

Dr. Drama: @thedrdrama

The Hamilcast: @thehamilcast

*Patrick Hinds’ Podcasts:

  • Broadway Backstory: @patrickhinds_

  • Theater People Podcast: @theaterppl

  • True Crime Obsessed: @truecrimeobsessedpodcast

Tatro: @tatrotoy

*Tag whichever ribbon(s) you obtain from among these 3 Patrick Hinds podcasts

Hit up any of us on social media with questions about the contest or where to find us throughout the weekend and break a leg!


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